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Year of Production: 2018

Runtime: 10min49s

Shooting Format: Super-8 Film (Kodak Vision3 200T)

Master Format: Quicktime File (4K), DCP

The soundtrack for the film was created in co-operation with the psychedelic rock band Seli Seli.

Production of this film has been supported by The Arts Council of Lapland and The Promotion Centre for Audiovisual Culture AVEK.

This film is distributed by AV-arkki, the Centre for Finnish Media Art:



Panu Johansson: concept, direction, cinematography, editing, music (keyboards & mix)
Kimmo Keskinarkaus: music (guitar & writing)
Petri Loukusa: music (guitar & writing)
Mika Vierimaa: music (bass)
Henri Peltola: music (drums)
Ilkka Olander: music mastering


“Picturing a Micropolis: 96100-97690” is a city symphony and short experimental film that depicts Rovaniemi, the capital of Finnish Lapland.The film is not only a result of years of filming and grass-roots level observing, but also an entity in which all the details captured on film – images, memories, seasons and neighbourhoods – are swarmed to the viewers retina as an intense kinetic stream. Eventually the grainy mass of shots forms a new kind of bare image of the city, which also reflects on a larger scale Finland’s real national landscapes: forest-encircled suburbs made of concrete.


“Finally, Panu Johansson’s Picturing a Micropolis: 96100-97690 (2018) offers a bristling exploration of edge-lands, the grey territory that rings most urban centres. Populated by humdrum roadsides, flooded plots of land, deteriorating sports facilities and banal apartment blocks, the fleeting stream of jaggedly framed vistas conveys an unexpected vitality. At once wholly illustrative, the work also undermines disbelief. Who would have thought that a compendium of non-sites could be so captivating?”

John Gayer, MUU Writes 9

Maria Huhmarniemi, Post Santa Blog (in Finnish):


2024 Kino Pleme /Live Soundtrack #77, Florence, Italy (live score, more info here)

2023 Kino Pleme /Live Soundtrack #75, Podgorica, Montenegro (live score, more info here)

2022 Space, Environment, Architecture (group exhibition), Gallery Pictor, Vihti, Finland

2021 Space, Environment, Architecture (group exhibition), Cable Factory Puristamo & MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre, Finland

2021 Platforms Project Independent Art Fair, Athens, Greece

2021 Wiping the Ice-Cream Off Your Face – De-arcticfication’ in Nordic Arts, Gallery Valo, Rovaniemi, Finland (group exhibition)

2021 Kinos Film Festival, Lahti, Finland (cancelled because of covid19)

2020 Fisura, International Festival of Experimental Film & Video, Mexico City, Mexico

2020 Exploration to Possible Futures, Gallery Hämärä, Rovaniemi, Finland (group exhibition)

2020 Super Off – International Super 8 Film Festival, São Paulo, Brazil

2020 Split Videoart Festival, Croatia

2020 That One Film Festival , Muncie, Indiana, USA  

2020 BioRex Goes Art – Arctic Media Art, Rovaniemi, Finland (cancelled because of covid19)

2020 Mad Lab – Experiment 6 Screening, Albuquerque, NM, USA

2020 Inversia Festival, Murmansk, Russia

2019 Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image, Johnson City, NY, USA 

2019 Experimental Film Guanajuato Festival, Guanajuato, Mexico

2019 Pugnant Film Series: This Is Not a Robot Film Festival, Athens, Greece

2019 Pile of Bones Underground Film Festival, Regina, Canada   

2019 DOBRA – Festival Int’l de Cinema Experimental, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

2019 Lino Kino Public Access-Installation, Philadelphia, PA, USA

2019 Nomads Festival: Kino Club Helsinki meets Laponia Improvisations, Helsinki, Finland (live score)

2019 Bogotá Experimental Film Festival, Colombia

2019 Kuntsthalle Turku, Night of the Arts Screening, Turku, Finland 

2019 Post Midsummer-Studio, Galleria Ars Libera, Kuopio, Finland

2019 66 pohjoista ja 25 itäistä, Mältinranta Artcenter, Tampere, Finland (group exhibition)

2019 The Hazel Eye Film Festival, USA

2019 MUU Studio, Helsinki, Finland (solo exhibition)

2018 MUU Gala Tour 2018, Sergey Kuryokhin Center for Modern Art, Saint Petersburg, Russia

2018 MUU Gala Tour: 2018, Art Center Ahjo, Joensuu, Finland

2018 MUU Gaala 2018, Helsinki, Finland

2018 Studio Mustanapa, Rovaniemi, Finland (solo exhibition)


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2019 Lino Kino Public Access-Installation, Philadelphia, PA, USA:

2021 Space, Environment, Architecture (group exhibition), Cable Factory Puristamo & MUU Helsinki Contemporary Art Centre, Finland:

2021 Platforms Project Independent Art Fair, Athens, Greece. The film was presented as part of MUU ry stand (more info about the event here original videos here and here):


2019 Rovaniemi Night of the Arts (September 7th), Finland. Special 3 screen version of the film projected on the wall of Rovaniemi library (short sample):

2019 Kino Club Helsinki meets Nomads Festival (September 22nd). The film was presented with a live score written & performed by Laponia Improvisations Ensemble (short sample):

2020 Exploration to Possible Futures, Gallery Hämärä, Rovaniemi, Finland (group exhibition):