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Year of Production: 2014

(1st version released in 2009, completely re-edited in 2014)

Shooting Format: Super-8 Film (Kodak Ektachrome 64T)

Master Format: Quicktime File (1080p)

This film is distribute by AV-arkki, the Centre for Finnish Media Art:


Panu Johansson: concept, direction, cinematography, editing, music (writing, performance & mix)
Annika Rapo: concept, direction
Ilkka Olander: music mastering


A fragmented collage reassembles a life lost. A radiant yet fractured narrative replete with lacunae found in history and time, refracted through the half light of memory and film.

From One’s Silence To Other’s” is a short experimental film made by Panu Johansson and Annika Rapo. The piece combines different kinds of materials in a collage-like way: it consists of short fragments, which all document certain places, objects or events. All these are tied around one deceased person and his life-story.

The non-linear form of the film is used to describe the fragmentary nature of memories and the way we perceive them. Usually it is impossible to construct a full and solid life-story after the subject has passed away. Commonly some questions remain open and sometimes, as in this case, relatively large areas of past life are left in the shadows. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this kind of story is not a suitable subject for a work of art. The story only has to be presented openly as it is: fragmented and full of gaps. Although the major narrative might be lost, some beautiful fragments still remain.


“‘’From One’s Silence to Other’s’’ contrives a fragmentary itinerary of a life through recorded places. Houses and lands are superimposed with photographs which slowly slips within the frame. They are literal ghostly presences inhabiting these images, faint traces which suggest us that these filmed places were once familiar.

The eight minutes long film is a ‘’hollow portrait’’, more of a contemplative evocation than a faithful reconstitution. Holes and gaps are significant in themselves, they tell us about a reserved man and a remote time.  In that time, logics and possibilities of representation and its recording were completely different.

Gauthier Lesturgie: Panu Johansson: DUAL PURPOSE


2016 Moviate Underground Film Festival (USA)

2015 Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival (Switzerland)

2015 Bogotá Experimental Film Festival (Colombia)

2015 Unseen Zinema 3 (Spain, live score)

2014 Experiments In Cinema –Festival (USA)

2014 Transient Visions: Festival of the Moving Image (USA)

2014 Kinos Film Festival (Finland)

2014 Antimatter [Media Art] Festival (Canada)

2014 THE SNOWBALL EFFECT – Northern Finland Biennale (group exhibition)

2012 Montreal Underground Film Festival (Canada) 

2010 WNDX -Winnipeg’s Festival of Film and Video Art (Canada)

2010 IFEM – Inari Festival of Experimental Music and Cinema (Finland) 

2010 Takoma Park/Silver Spring Experimental Film Festival (USA)

2010 Flicker Chapel Hill (USA)

2010 United States Super 8 Film & Digital Video Festival (USA)

2010 Tromsø International Film Festival (Norway)

2010 Gallery Katve, Rovaniemi (solo exhibition)

2009 The Kettupäivät – Finnish Shortfilm and Documentary Film Festival (Finland)

2009 Arctic Fury – film festival (Finland)

2009 Super8 Film Festival Milan (Italy)


This film was awarded with a Jury Prize of Best International Work at the 2010 WNDX – Winnipeg’s Festival of Film and Video Art, Canada.

The film was also awarded with honorary mention at the 2010 United States Super 8 Film and Digital Video Festival, USA.


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2010 WNDX -Winnipeg’s Festival of Film and Video Art (Canada). Part of the highlights reel (from 1.46) as a winner of Jury Prize for Best International Work:

2015 Lausanne Underground Film & Music Festival (Switzerland). Part of the festival medley reel (from 1.29). Please note: age-restricted content, requires a YouTube login:

2015 Unseen Zinema #3, Madrid (Spain). The film was performed with an alternative live score by CÁUSTICA KALLE.

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