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Panu Johansson is a media artist and an experimental filmmaker from Finland. He works with moving image, photography and sound. His works have been exhibited in various festivals, exhibitions and microcinemas since the year 2000. 

Reoccurring themes in Johansson’s work are memories, landscape, the history of experimental film and cultural history. When working with moving image he prefers analogue film, though he is open to all materials. Johansson collects images and sounds eagerly and also likes to use “found footage” materials whenever possible. His works could be described with terms such as landscape film, diary film or personal film. 

Johansson is a member of MUU ry (Artists’ Association of Finland), AV-arkki (Centre for Finnish Media Art), Artists’ Association of Lapland and Northern Media Culture Association Magneetti. In addition to his artistic work he has lately been active in organising and curating different kinds of events in the field of contemporary art in the North, mainly in Finland but occasionally also abroad. Most notable of these have probably been the Young Arctic Artists exhibitions of 2023, 2021 and 2019.

Johansson’s works are distributed via AV-arkki – The Centre for Finnish Media Art.

“The very vast notion of memory crosses the entire work of Panu Johansson, through the means of its recording. Whether it be the attempt to recollect another’s memory or to make a record of his own moments.

[…] The film as a matter by itself essentially reflects the way we think about memory. Somehow, the film has an authoritarian nature as it is, inflexible: one can not turn back so easily as with digital devices. Moreover, the film is being concretely inscribed: time and light are physically outlined on its surface.”

Gauthier Lesturgie: Panu Johansson: DUAL PURPOSE


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